Saturday, April 30, 2011

The End

Well I made it to the end of the BEDA! OK, so there were a few days where I didn't really write a blog but I'm still calling it a victory. It really is hard to write everyday. This has really made me be amazed with those people who can write in a journal everyday for years. I guess I just get to distracted. I plan on still trying to update this blog at least once a week. I just don't have the energy to blog everyday.

Today after my husband got off work we went to one of our favorite places- Costco. We picked up a few things that we needed, and something that we didn't. We got a big three burner stand up propane camping stove. We have wanted one for a while and had a moment of weakness while there but we are very happy with our purchase. We even came home and had some people over for a BBQ. Yum- hamburgers and potato salad! Not only is it a good thing to have for emergencies (even says so on the box!) but we a so excited to go camping this summer!

I have so many memories from when I have been camping with family or friends. One camping trip that sicks out was from when I was younger, maybe 8 or so, my family was camping and we had eaten dinner and it was time to start getting ready for bed. We got my dad's black shaving bag and walked to the water spout to brush our teeth. When I reached in to get my tooth brush I grabbed my dad's razor on accident. It cut the palm of my hand but for some reason I didn't want my parents to know. I washed it off but didn't even get a band aid for it. I remember it hurt quite a bit and kept me from sleeping for a while. When morning came I woke up to my hand being covered in dry blood but luckily it didn't get on anything else. My family had a big canvas tent that to me had a very distinct smell to it and now whenever I think of that smell it is mixed with the smell of blood and an ache in my hand- but not in a bad way. Sounds weird, but it really is a good memory for me. It makes me think of eating spam for breakfast and thinking it was delicious. It makes me think of helping my mom wash dishes in a pan of water warmed on the camp stove. It reminds me of good times of being with my family.

In Idaho we had some friends that we loved to camp with. One Memorial weekend we went camping in the mountains not too far from where we lived and had a great time. The boys had all brought their dirt bikes and they were riding them all over having a fun time. They found a dead tree that they cut down with a chainsaw and drug it back to our camp tied to a bike. We continued to cut that tree into a nice bench and chairs for us. Then they even took turns teaching the girls how to use the chainsaw too. That night we hooked up a generator, piled into one tent and watched a scary movie on a TV. Really roughing it...I know. We went to bed and found in the morning that it had snowed on us.

Another fun trip we took with that same group was to a place called Pack Saddle Lake. We drove our friends 4-runner down a steep hill made for four wheelers and dirt bikes. The lake was beautiful but freezing. We brought a canoe and a kayak and had a ton of fun on the water. I even went fishing for the first time and then we cooked the fish for dinner. I didn't eat it... I don't like fish at all but everyone else said it was good. We talked all night around the fire, and one of the boys made a "SoBe bomb", which was awesome and terrifying at the same time. In the early morning my husband put on his swim trunks and jumped in the water. We all were laughing so hard at the high pitch scream that came out of his mouth. Later in the day we all ended up getting in the water though. There was a really fun rope swing that you could swing over the water and jump in. When the afternoon came, some hikers and four wheelers came so we knew it was time to go. It was really funny when they saw the 4-runner and asked how we got it there. We just told them a helicopter brought it in. :)

One of my favorite places to camp is in Yellowstone Park. We had a season pass and went all the time. In the evenings at the parks campgrounds the Rangers do little presentations about all sorts of things. From the story of Yellowstone, and some of the best spots to visit, to learning how to tell the difference between black bears and grizzly bears. There are just so many amazing things there. One camping trip there we decided to go on a hike to Fairy Falls. It was a really hot day so we had on shorts and t-shirts. About half way through the hike it started to pour rain. It was warm rain with big rain drops and felt great. Just thinking about it makes me happy. I think being near Yellowstone is one of the main things I miss about Idaho.

So far the girls have only been camping once. The camping here in Iowa (or what we have seen of it) is a little weird. One camp ground was literally an open field with fire rings, picnic tables and maybe seven or eight trees. Luckily we found a spot that was a little better but still not the same as the mountains. The girls did great but the trip was full of friend drama. We can't wait to go out this year. I know my kids will love it as much as my husband and I do. With hope they can start to make some great camping memories too!

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