Monday, April 18, 2011


When I was in elementary school I was a very hyper kid. I remember a day in fourth grade where I was jumping around being very silly. A friend of mine commented that I was too hyper and I should go splash some water on my face. She then told me to hug a tree to calm down. I can't remember if I had a large amount of sugar that day or why I was acting so crazy but I was out of control. I'm sure that a lot of kids are like that, but I haven't been around kids that age for a while. The older I got the more I settled down. The reason I was thinking about this tonight is because I watched my kids run around and around playing where I was tired after only a few minuets.

Kids are amazing. They have endless energy, can be absolutely fearless, and are so creative. Growing up we played for hours in the trees at the park across the street from my house. We would drape material from them and play like we were fairies or different animals. We would write and put on plays and skits for our families and the neighbors. One great memory is dressing up with my sister and some friends dressed up and went door to door fourth of July caroling. Let's just say we were very creative kids.

Another thing I've noticed about kids is how they can play outside in cold without it even phasing them. They are always so happy to just be playing. I wish that I still had the stamina and drive that they have. If I did have their energy maybe it would be easier to keep up with my kids everyday.

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