Thursday, June 2, 2011

100 Day Photo Challenge

My little sister just started a blog and is doing the 100 day photo challenge on it. I figure because I haven't put anything on here since BEDA, I might as well join her!

Day one: A photo of yourself and 15 facts.

1. I hate sea-food.

2. I live in Iowa.

3. I love the smell of gasoline.

4. Last year I had TB.

5. I can memorize the words to a song very fast, but can't remember what day it is.

6. I broke my left leg when I was two. My sister jumped on me.

7. I am left handed.

8. I clean when I'm angry (as do most of my sisters).

9. I have eaten rattlesnake.

10. I too have an obsession with Harry Potter.

11. I love hearing my girls say "love you much"

12. I am addicted to YouTube.

13. I hate being cold.

14. My favorite restaurant is Red Robin.

15. I take ridiculous amounts of pictures and develop them all.

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