Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Tonight I thought I would talk about something that I spend way too much time doing...watching television. When I think about how much time I spend watching TV it makes me sad because I could spend that time doing so many other things. At the same time- television is a great source of entertainment and there are some great shows out there.

Through the years there has been a few shows that I loved. Law and Order is one that I will never get sick of! I also started watching Smallvile from the very first episode and didn't miss one for two years. When I finally did miss one it was the day I had my wedding open house in Washington. After that my husband and I moved to Pennsylvania and didn't get the channel that is was on. I lost track of what happened and eventually just stopped watching it. I saw the pilot episode on yesterday and it made me remember what a fun show it is. I wish they had it on the Netflix stream- that way I could watch all the seasons when I had time.

Another show that I have been watching for a few years is Survivor. I defiantly haven't watched it from the start in 2000 but I have watch about eight seasons. Sometimes I have a hard time watching because the people I like get voted off. I think it would be fun to do the challenges they do but I would never be on the show because I would not like having so many people watch me (and I don't think I would be very good either).

Then right now there are a lot of shows that we watch but don't really mind if I miss them. Things like Glee, The Big Bang Theory, The Office, Parenthood, and way too many others. This is the area where I really should trim some of the time spent watching out. I have been trying to cut out some of the time spent watching TV with the kids too. It is really hard in the morning with the girls. Like I said yesterday I don't do well early in the morning. My kids wake up around 6:30 every morning. I don't function well at that time so they spend some time in the morning watching TV or a movie. Then they usually watch a little more when I make dinner as well. Kids should only watch two hours or less of television a day ( according to my kids doctor). I really want to make sure my girls are spending time using their brains for more stimulating things then Dora the explorer.

With that all being said there are still some shows that I want to watch that I haven't yet. I think that things like hulu and Netflix are awesome. The fact that you can watch a show when you want to is great. I like that I can watch shows when my girls are napping on whatever day I want. It's also more rewarding for some shows to watch without a week in between episodes. I watched all the seasons of Lost this way and it was great! On my list to watch is Prison Break. I've heard that it is a really good show.

I see nothing wrong wanting to spend some time watching as long as it's not too much, and that you balance it out with other forms of entertainment, such as reading, listing to music, and of course going outside.

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