Friday, September 2, 2011

Day Eighty Three

Day eighty three: A picture of the moon tonight.

This is from when we were on vacation in Pennsylvania (the original day this post was going to go up!)

Day eighty two

Day eighty two: A picture of the most embarrassing thing in your closet.

ok ok ok... so I don't know about the MOST embarrassing thing but here are a few things from my closet that I'm a little embarrassed I've kept.

There are some crazy things in my jewelry box that I just can't get rid of and probably never will. I'll tell you about some of the craziest ones:

The heart bracelet was my sister Kara's. I remember her having it when I was younger. She eventually gave it to my sister Katie who gave it to me. I'm not even sure why but this felt like a really big deal when it was passed to me. I guess it was just an "every other child" thing.

The two pink ring looking things are actually a Barbie necklace and headband. They were from my favorite Barbie and my sister Kierstin and I always would fight who got to play with them. I kept them in my jewelry box because I thought they were so pretty.

...and the two quarters are from an early morning seminary lesson about helping people out. It was a really good lesson that I wont ever forget.

Well there is just a little bit of my crazy that is hidden in my closet.

Day Eighty One

Day eighty one: A picture of something you baked.

uhhh... no clue on this one. I'll go with enchiladas becuase I make them a lot.

Day Eighty

Day eighty: A picture of your favorite childhood movie.

Again- I'm not good at favorite, but I loved these two!

I know them both by heart!

Day Seventy Nine

Day seventy nine: A picture of a ticket from somewhere you've been.

Had to copy my sister Laura on this one. (mostly because it's the only tickets I could find)

*NSYNC No Strings Attached

*NSYNC Celebrity

Yes I have been to two *NSYNC concerts. I'm just that awesome.

Day Seventy Eight

Day seventy eight: A picture of your sunglasses.

My glasses on a beautiful model.

Day Seventy Seven

Day seventy seven: A picture of the last thing you bought.


...well, and some letters from Hobby Lobby to decorate my room.

Day Seventy Six

Day seventy six: A picture of something that annoys you.

This toy. We keep it put away because it's so annoying.

Seventy Five

Day seventy five: A picture of you and a friend.

Sorry I just took a picture of this picture rather then scan it in.

This is my college roommate Summer. We had such a fun time together and I miss her a lot.

Day Seventy Four

Day seventy four: A picture of something you found under your bed.

I had a really fun time with this one. I have a TON of stuff under there and it was fun to look through it all!

This stuff is letters, flower cards and little note from my husband when we were dating. Going back and reading them all now was great. I sure do love that guy.

This is a bunch of random pictures and such from high school. I meant to put all of this stuff in a scrapbook but it never happened so it ended up in a box under my bed!

Day Seventy Three

Day seventy three: A picture of your lunch
This was from a while ago- when I took the pictures with intent to post them all and get caught up but I failed so I'm doing it now! Anyway- Pasta salad.

Day Seventy Two

Day seventy two: A picture of a stuffed animal.

This is Klondike! I got him from my Grandpa and Grandma. I love him very much and so do my girls!