Wednesday, September 26, 2012

That feeling.

Like many people, I like to read before bed. It's a quiet time when the kids are asleep that I have a little time to relax and do something I enjoy. During the day sometimes when I read i get really tired especially on Sundays. My problem tonight is this: I can't turn my brain off. If the book I am reading is a little sad, emotional, exciting, thought provoking, or any other quality that isn't just a boring book I can't stop thinking and go to sleep.

Tonight it was an sad and emotional book.

I just finished it and now I'm sitting here thinking about how tired I am and how early 6:30 is- yet when I close my eyes and think about sleep all I can picture is the events of the book. Tonight's is a little more intense because the book had parts of real life in it too. It makes me sad to focus on the hard things in life but I am not the type of person who can only read the "happily ever after" books. One time in a book club I'm in we talked about reading books that aren't alway sunshine and daisies and it really surprised me how many of the women only wanted to read the happy books. Sure I love a good happy ending, but I feel like I learn more from a story that is a little rough to read. I know that reading uplifting book can be amazing in directing you life but in my mind if I don't read the sad/depressing books that happy ones aren't as happy.i guess I really just need a good mix of it all.

Every once in a while I will read something that give me this feeling. I'm not even sure it's a bad feeling- just a strong feeling that is hard to shake. I'm not sure if others get this feeling or not. Maybe I'm just rambling on until my body realizes that it's time for bed because the morning is coming faster then I would like it to. I think I'll try that sleeping thing again now- hopefully my dreams will help me understand my thoughts and that feeling.