Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nothing New

I spent most the day today cleaning the carpets in my living room. Next week we have a lot of family coming for Easter. I am really excited but there is a bunch of stuff that I want done before I have all those people here. I really don't mind cleaning carpets and couch but I just wish that it was a sunny day so I could have opened a window to help it dry faster.

So after I did the cleaning I took a break and started watching Prison Break- so far I really like it. I even restarted watching it so my husband could see it from the beginning. I like watching shows with him, it makes it watching something a little more interactive.

It really way just a lazy Saturday evening. Most weekends my husband has to work but he gets off a little earlier then during the week. We don't go out very often and when we do the kids normally come with us. Every once in a while we go out just us,and we have fun,it just doesn't happen as often as I would like. A lot of weekends are spent at home watching movies which I have no problems with.

It's getting late and I need to put the girls in their pajamas. They start getting s little cranky this time of night- which makes me pretty cranky too. Until tomorrow.

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