Friday, April 15, 2011


My husband and I watched a documentary about the lost boys of Sudan tonight. I really enjoy watching documentaries like this but it always makes me feel awful afterwards. The idea that some countries can have such hard things happening everyday. Not that the United States doesn't have it problems and people suffering in places too. I just find it hard to see people who have so little and the things that I take for granted like clean water are life changing things for them.

With so many crazy things going on in the world like earthquakes, floods, and wars I always wish there was more I could do. I sit in my apartment watching my huge TV, eating until I'm full every meal, driving my car, and still feeling like I don't have everything I want; while people don't have a place to sleep, food to eat or water to drink, and really are in need.

The other day while wasting time on Facebook I came across the blog of a girl that I went to high school with. She joined the peace corps and has been living in Africa for around two years. I read all the posts on the blog and I was amazed at not only the amazing things she has has a chance to experience but the wonderful things she has done for other people. I think that it would be so amazing to do something like that- but I know it isn't realistic for me right now.

Also a few weeks ago I went to an activity for my church where we focused on women around the world. A women spoke to us about all the different places she has traveled to and different groups she has worked with. She did everything from learning to be a midwife in Belize to working to stop human trafficking in India. She talked about how no matter what you do, even if it is very small, to help anyone, it is still something.

I wish I had gobs of money to give to people in need. Even though if I had more money I think in real life most of it would be spent on more stuff for me. I think a good place for me to start is simplifying my life. If I take a step back and see what is a "want vs. need" I will be able to make simplifying much easier. When I know what is just a "want" I will have more resources to help others.

I imagine that my husband and I will be able to help somewhere somehow. If it be giving money or supplies, or even just our time to volunteer somewhere, I hope that someday I am able to help better another persons life.

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