Sunday, April 10, 2011


Yet another beautiful Sunday . I had two very grumpy kids today who didn't want to sit an listen at church. My husband was very busy today working on homework ( his semester for school ends this coming week). When we finally got home from church the girls were crying again and it made me feel like crying too. So we all took a much needed nap! It was a warm day so I napped with the windows open on the big bean bag. It felt really good because I don't nap that often.

On the way home from working on his paper my husband got in a small car accident. Nothing too dramatic but never a fun thing to deal with. After looking at the damage and being outside for a little we decided that the breeze was perfect for flying a kite so we headed out to the park! When we got there, two young girls ( I'd guess about ten years old) were trying to fly a fish kite without much luck. With very little effort we had our $3 barbie kite in the air. It was so cute to watch my tiny girls hold onto the kite. There were a few times when it looked like it was going to pick them right up. After a while the girls became restless and wanted to go play on the swings and other playground toys do they went with their dad to go play. As I was about to go the two girls shyly asked me if they could fly my kite for a minute. I let them both fly it for a while and I just enjoyed watching them get so much joy out of something as simple as flying a kite.

A little later I found my husband and girls on the playground. They love to climb everything right now. They had a mini rock climbing wall and both the girls went up it like pros. They went down the slides and went on the swings. They also fell down a lot but they were tough and just kept playing.

We came home and skyped some family and watched the Duck Tails movie. Now as I type this we are reading books together and are about to go to bed.

Other then the car accident and the melt downs earlier in the day- I'd call it a pretty good Sunday.

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