Thursday, April 14, 2011


Sorry about the cop-out of a post yesterday. My sister-in-law was visiting so I wanted to spend time with her. She is on her way back to school in Idaho. She goes to the same university that me and my husband met at.

We met at the start of my second year of school. The school doesn't have any normal sports teams but they do have both intramural teams, and what they called the competitive leagues. The competitive leagues you have to tryout for and if you make it you are placed on a team and compete against the other five or six teams. That semester I was on the "thunder" volleyball team. Each team name has both a girls and boys team. We often would practice with the boy thunder team.

I didn't really know many of the boys because the season had just started but one Sunday a group of boys stopped by my apartment. I'm sure they were just planing on going door to door to meet all the girls in our complex ( which boys did all the time) but I happened to live in the first apartment. They came in and we talked and played some games. I teased and flirted with one very cute blond boy. It turned out that he was in some of my roommates classes, and he was also on the thunder volleyball team. We also went to church together so soon we were seeing a lot of each other. He is a very fun loving guy so it was normal for a lot of girls to want to hang around him, for a while he even had a girl friend.

I had a huge crush. I would talk to my roommates about him all the time and would get so giddy when I knew he was coming over. Soon we were hanging out everyday. Any free time we had we were together. I was very young but I was in love. We started dating and I knew very soon after that he was the one I would be with for the rest of my life.

As very big shock to my friends and family we got engaged only a few months after we started dating. We were engaged for five months or so and on a cold Saturday in January we were married. That was seven and a half years ago now. We now live in Iowa where my husband is getting his masters degree and we have two beautiful daughters.

Whenever we go to Idaho to visit friends and family who still live in the area, it feels like going home. I have so many wonderful memories in that small town. Going to school there made it so I could meet the love of my life.

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