Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunny Sunday

The sun found it's way out today! These are the types of days that I really love. I got to spend all day with my little family just relaxing and having fun. After it snowing last week I thought I might just go crazy if spring didn't show up soon. It got all the way up to eighty-four degrees today!

With it being the weekend my husband got up with the kids this morning so I slept in until nine, which was wonderful! I came down stairs to be welcomed by one of my girls running up to hug my legs and say "hi mommy!". We lounged around and watched the movie Tangled for the millionth time this week. (Yet somehow I'm still not sick of it yet!)

Then while the girls played with their toys, my husband and I did some much needed sprig cleaning with the windows open. I don't min cleaning when I can have fresh air flowing through the house. We have a bunch o family coming to visit at the end if the month so my house really needs a good scrub. We got everything in the kitchen nice and clean!

Today was my churches general conference. They hold it twice a year, and we get a chance to hear from some wonderful speakers and the leaders of the church. The talks were fantastic and I just love the feeling that I get during conference; it's a feeling of wanting to be a better person. After the first session of conference the girls took a nap while my husband and I watched a movie. The second and final session of conference was next and we listened while the girls played on the deck and ate frozen berries for a snack.

It was much to nice a day to pass up going to the park! We went to a close park that was very busy but managed to do everything we wanted. My girls just love swinging! If I didn't make them get off we would still be there! We watched some people flying kites, and then went home to try fly our own pink barbie kite. We were having fun until the kite broke and prematurely ended our fun.

My husband made dinner and we called some family on skype. Now it's almost time for the girls to get ready for bed. Today has been so nice and I wish every Sunday was like it. I am so thankful for my family and for this wonderful warm day!

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