Saturday, April 2, 2011

March Madness?

Sheesh- I think I need to start making a list of things to write about or April is going to be a long month. Tonight I was trying to think of what to write about but nothing was coming to mind. My husband has the final four basketball game on and it has given me a random subject for tonight's entry.


In high school I would have labeled myself as a jock; everything I did seemed to revolve around sports. It was how I met my friends, how I spent most my free time and even why I passed my classes. In the fall I played volleyball, the winter I did gymnastics, and the most important of all, in the spring I did track, namely pole vaulting. At the time my sports were everything. I figure that writing down stories and memories is a good idea so my kids will get to hear them and their kids after that. I'm not sure if anyone will ever care but it was a big part of my life then- so here are a couple of brief highlights.

Freshman year gymnastics: My coach convinced me to try a vault that I didn't really feel comfortable doing. (it was a very simple thing to do but I just wasn't ready.) I ended up falling- spraining my back and bruising my tail bone. After hurting myself so bad I still competed in two more events that night.

Junior year track: After only jumping my starting height at the state track meet, for the second year in a row, I took off my spikes and threw them down the field. I was a little mad.

Senior year volleyball: On September 11th 2001 we had a volleyball game against our rival school. We played the game even though no one really felt like playing. I sprained my ankle by landing on another girls foot that was under the net. I re-sprained that injury at least three more times and it can still case me problems today.

Freshman year track: I fell down the bleachers in front of a crowd. More on that story another day.

Senior year track: Again at the state track meet; I finally did OK and placed second. One of the first people to come and talk to me afterwards was my older sisters boyfriend (who pole vaulted with me before he graduated). He walked up to me, put his arm around mt shoulder and said "Amy, second place is the first loser." Obviously he was just joking- but I'll never forget it.

It really does seem like a lifetime ago. I now spend my days playing with two toddlers and grocery shopping. I don't consider myself a jock anymore- in fact I think I'm a pretty big nerd. It's amazing what ten years can change.

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