Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day Twenty Five

Day twenty five: A picture of your day.

(I would like to say this would have been on time but... well just keep reading and see why it's not)

I went to church this morning but didn't take a picture of that. When I got home I worked on things for the girls camp I am going to be at next week!

After dinner I watched the girls play in the basement. There were being rescuers and were swinging to save the ducks.

Then I was going to blog and go read but as I was uploading the pictures my power went out so I ended up having to pick everything up off the floor in the basement because it floods if the power is out (because the sub-pump can't run). When my husband got home we moved things even more and picked up the carpet. The power came back on like 3 hours later and luckily it didn't flood. Better safe than sorry I guess.

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  1. The basement in our old place did that too :(