Thursday, February 6, 2014

Life with Mom: P52 long time no post. 

I joined a photography group this year called "Life with Mom: P52". As a mom most of the time I am behind the camera and end up not being in many of the pictures I take. This group is all about being in front of the camera. There is a theme for each week so we know what kind of picture to take. It has been going on for 5 weeks now and has been pretty fun! I thought I would post them on here for other people to see who aren't in the group (a closed group on Facebook). Here are the first five weeks of pictures:

Week 1- Beginnings
Beginning- to wonder where my little babies went!

Week 2- Routine
walking to the bus stop in the morning!

Week 3- Just you
I was going to get all dolled up and take a nice picture- but then I got sick... so here is just me.

Week 4- Home
Home- Always a little messy!

Week 5- Good Morning!
I am not a morning person. 

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