Friday, September 2, 2011

Day eighty two

Day eighty two: A picture of the most embarrassing thing in your closet.

ok ok ok... so I don't know about the MOST embarrassing thing but here are a few things from my closet that I'm a little embarrassed I've kept.

There are some crazy things in my jewelry box that I just can't get rid of and probably never will. I'll tell you about some of the craziest ones:

The heart bracelet was my sister Kara's. I remember her having it when I was younger. She eventually gave it to my sister Katie who gave it to me. I'm not even sure why but this felt like a really big deal when it was passed to me. I guess it was just an "every other child" thing.

The two pink ring looking things are actually a Barbie necklace and headband. They were from my favorite Barbie and my sister Kierstin and I always would fight who got to play with them. I kept them in my jewelry box because I thought they were so pretty.

...and the two quarters are from an early morning seminary lesson about helping people out. It was a really good lesson that I wont ever forget.

Well there is just a little bit of my crazy that is hidden in my closet.

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  1. I remember that bracelet....was trying to figure out why it looked familiar. :0)